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Orifice Plate & venturi flowmeters


Variable Area Flowmeters and rotameters

positive displacement flow meter

Positive Displacement Flowmeters

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Turbine and Related Flowmeters

vortex flowmeter

vortex-Shedding, Swirl, and Fluidic Flowmeters

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Electromagnetic Flowmeters

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Ultrasonic Flowmeters

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Pitot Flowmeter

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Flow switch

Flow & Flowmeter

Characterize of flow parameter and measurement of flow in industrial application is important. In many control process cases get and estimate the exact amount of passing liquid or gas are critical .Flow measurement  also important because the determination of amount of material relates direct to flow  that going pass in pipes like sold or purchased oil and gas .
 . There are many way to measurement of flow rate and total flow that go throw in ducts and pipes . in continue you can find more free hints about ways of flow measurement in instrumentation and practical techniques that use in flowmeters .
1 - Orifice Plate Flowmeters
2- Venturi Flowmeters
3 - Variable Area Flowmeters
4- Positive Displacement Flowmeters
5- Turbine and Related Flowmeters
6- vortex-Shedding, Swirl, and Fluidic Flowmeters
7- Electromagnetic Flowmeters
8- Ultrasonic Flowmeters
9-Thermal Mass Flowmeter
10- Coriolis Flowmeters
11-Open chanel Flowmeter
12- Pitot Flowmeters

Also in flow category we show some flowswitch that use for control of flow in some limits with contact output